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Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean an unmanned “windship” makes its way through the waves - almost transparent, people say, wings everywhere…

How it really looks like? Every report says something else. Just one thing is sure: this ship is headed --- directly INTO THE WIND !

With three white prows pointing straight into the wind it is underway across the world’s vastest ocean, following every windshift. No one knows how long it’s been travelling. People laugh at fishermen who talk about having seen it.

But there it appears again; all but silently it moves through the swell, as if drawn by an invisible string: on impossible course.

The unmanned Windvinder is the first headwind powered research vessel of the EXPEDITION TO THE ORIGINS OF THE WIND –  a satellite on the ocean, steered by wind alone and driven by headwind. A wind turbine drives the ship’s propeller; a tail fin in the wind keeps the vessel on its never changing course: straight into the wind.


Since years underway on the Pacific Ocean, Windvinder shows that more is possible with wind than most people think. He invites his finders – the Windfinders – to climb on board and improve the construction. A growing family of Windfinders is spreading across the ocean since then. The first one was driven by a wind turbine, but it turns out that there are many more ways to turn headwind into propulsion.


Fishermen who repaired the unmanned vessel start building own Windfinders: They love the challenge. Again and again the Winged Canoe is spotted – each time in a changed form. And more and more often, coming closer, it turns out to be a new one…! The most incredible vessels appear - fantastic bamboo constructions built on islands and even on fishing boats, with sails from fish skin instead of epoxy airfoils… some bigger, some smaller, but all on the way to where the wind comes from, steered and driven by wind alone.






We sail from the North Sea to where the growing fleet of Windfinders is underway, meet the islanders, make a film of what is developing there – and go on building, now together… On board: windship people from the other end of the scale. Artists, future naval architects and wind engineers from “western” industrial nations work together with Pacific islanders to develop the windships of the future. Turning headwind into a brainstorm… experiments that generate more than technical solutions.

Welcome on board!                                                                                                 



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